Level Thrive Review

+What is Le-Vel Thrive?

The term Le-Vel Thrive refers to the first product line from Le-Vel, a premium lifestyle brand. Le-Vel was founded in 2013, releasing it’s thrive product line shortly after. The company has experienced phenomenal growth in its few years of existence, the 8 week Thrive experience proving particularly popular in a number of circles. Availing seven products purposed towards aiding individuals in their efforts to achieve peak physical and mental form, Le-Vel provides opportunities to any individuals interested in becoming a retail customer or promoter.


Many level thrive review have been known to question Le-Vel’s rather limited offering of products, at least in comparison to other giants in the field known for availing in excess of thirty wide ranging products.

Considering how young Le-Vel is, however, one expects them to take steps to increase their product lineup in the coming months and years, the Le-Vel Thrive experience constituting 4 primary items:

  • Thrive M – these supplements are availed in the form of capsules and endeavor to meet the body’s nutritional requirements, bringing numerous health benefits to the table. Thrive M capsules are targeted towards men.
  • Thrive W - these supplements are targeted towards women; and, excluding one or two additional ingredients, thrive M and thrive W are almost identical, promising a similar offering of benefits.
  • Thrive DFT - a patch worn like a band aid and crafted to deliver the ingredients directly into the bloodstream through the skin, thrive DFT is Le-Vel’s most popular product, promising to not only suppress appetite but boosting the body’s metabolism even while increasing mental acuity.

Along with Le-Vel’s Thrive+ line of products, the company’s limited offering delivers a comprehensive list of benefits that are likely to satisfy the needs of most users.


  • Many Level thrive reviews have commended the company for the fact that is free to not only join but to become a promoter.
  • There are a number of considerably generous compensation plans on offer, this along with various bonus programs.
  • The efforts of the company’s leaders are ostensible, specifically their determination to grow the brand’s visibility.
  • Le-Vel’s business opportunities (to become a seller/promoter) are not only viable but doable within the comfort of one’s home.


  • As many level thrive reviews have endeavored to point out, Le-Vel is quite new; and while it is doing quite well, its future is still uncertain, especially in the face of stiff competition.
  • The prices of the level thrive product line are a little exorbitant, especially when compared to similar items on the shelf.


The fact that le-Vel is so new makes it an uncertain bet; yet the benefits for joining are vast, this along with the comprehensive offerings availed within the le-Vel thrive line of products. Even considering the unpredictability of this company’s future, you have nothing to lose by choosing to trust Le-Vel.

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